What is Dial-A-Ride?

“Dial-A-Ride” is a door-to-door public transportation
service designed to meet the transportation needs of
the elderly and persons with a disability. Drivers will
assist passengers to and from the door at the pickup
point and destination. Dial-A-Ride is a shared ride
service for trips originating and ending in the 9-town
Windham region of Ashford, Chaplin, Columbia,
Coventry, Lebanon, Mansfield, Scotland, Willington, and
Windham-Willimantic, transporting riders to medical
appointments, shopping centers, personal business
destinations, nutrition centers, Senior Center activities, and work.

How do I schedule a ride?

All reservations must be made a minimum of one
business day in advance by 4:00PM and may be booked
up to two weeks in advance. A dispatcher will ask you
about your trip and schedule your pickup and return
ride. Please have the following information available
when making a reservation:

  • customer name;
  • exact origin and destination street addresses;
  • names of complexes or subdivisions, as well as
    building, apartment or suite numbers;
  • appointment time or pick-up time;
  • information about mobility devices (i.e. cane,
    wheelchair, scooter, etc.), Personal Care Assistant,
    or companions; and
  • return pick-up time (if no return pick-up time is
    provided, the trip will be scheduled as one-way.)

WRTD will make an effort to accommodate trips within
one hour before and one hour after a requested
pickup time. Be sure to write down the information the
dispatcher gives you. WRTD will make every effort to
arrive within the 30-minute pickup window, 15 minutes
before or after the scheduled pickup time. Call (860) 456-
2223 for additional information and reservations.
Please, if you find that you do not need a ride you have
scheduled, call the dispatcher immediately and cancel
the ride.

Dial-A-Ride Vans

WRTD offers Dial-A-Ride and ADA paratransit demand-response services. Call WRTD

at 860-456-2223 for more information about ADA eligibility or visit www.CTADA.com.

All WRTD services are open to the general public.

Download the full WRTD Rider’s Guide booklet:

WRTD Rider’s Guide 7-1-16 booklet

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


General Public                                        $4.25
Person with a Disability*                       $2.75
Person 60 Years of Age and Over*      No Charge
ADA* *                                                    $2.50
Children (age 4 & under)                       No Charge
(Maximum of 3 children per adult)

Dial-A-Ride gratefully accepts donations from its users or any other interested parties.
Donations are a crucial part of Dial-A-Ride funding.
Please send to: 28 South Frontage Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250.

Discounted Ticket Booklets

Discounted ten-ticket booklets may be purchased at the WRTD office Monday-Friday,
between the hours of 8:30AM and 4:00PM, or on WRTD Dial-A-Ride buses.

10-Ticket Booklet, General Public – $38.00
10-Ticket Booklet, Person with a Disability* – $24.75
10-Ticket Booklet, ADA** – $25.00

* Proper I.D. required for reduced fare. Persons 60 years of age and over and persons
with a disability may travel for a reduced fare at any time.
To receive the reduced fare privileges, display your Medicare Card, or your
Transit/Reduced Fare Photo I.D. Card to the driver.
If you do not have a Medicare Card, a Transit/Reduced Fare Photo I.D. Card
is available by calling the CT Transit Senior/Disabled representative at (860) 522-8101.

** Fares for ADA certified passengers are based on double the cost of the fixed-route bus fare. Call WRTD at
(860) 456-2223 for information about ADA eligibility.

Funding sources:

CT Dept. of Transportation; Senior Resources Area Agency on Aging under the provisions of Title III of the Older Americans Act; the towns of Ashford, Chaplin, Columbia, Coventry, Lebanon, Mansfield, Scotland, Willington, and Windham.

Wheelchair AccessibilityAll WRTD vehicles are wheelchair-accessible.

Dial-A-Ride and ADA Paratransit Informational Brochure