Fares and Passes

New fares and passes effective on May 6, 2019

RoutesTicket TypeCost
10-punch passPunch card$12.00
Local RoutesSingle Fare$1.25
Person with a Disability*$0.75
Person 60 Years of Age and Over**Donation
Ten Punch Pass/ Agency Tickets1 Punch/ 1 Ticket
Full Fare Monthly Pass$40.00
Disabled Monthly Pass$25.00
Commuter RoutesSingle Fare$2.75
Ten Punch Pass/ Agency Tickets2 Punches/ 2 Tickets
Dial-A-RideSingle Fare$3.00
Person 60 Years of Age and Over**Donation
Ten Punch Pass/ Agency Tickets2 Punches/ 2 Tickets
ADA Paratransit ***Single Fare$2.50
Ten Punch Pass/ Agency Tickets2 Punches/ 2 Tickets
All RoutesChildren (age 4 & under)No Charge

* Must show medicare card or CT reduced fare ID upon boarding
** Must qualify for Area Agency on Aging funding
*** Must be certified as ADA paratransit eligible, visit www.ctada.com to apply

WRTD gratefully accepts donations from its users or any other interested parties.  Donations are a crucial part of Dial-A-Ride funding.  Please send to: 28 South Frontage Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250.


Transfer between WRTD Local Routes – Free
Transfer between WRTD Commuter Routes – Free
Transfer from WRTD Local Route to Commuter Route – $1.50 or 1 punch
Transfers to and from other Transit Districts are also accepted

Posters describing the fares

The following posters describe the new fares and passes and were posted on buses on 4/10/2019.  Click on the poster for the full resolution version.



UConn Students

UConn students with a valid U-Pass can ride for free on WRTD fixed route buses.  UConn students can sign up at http://upass.uconn.edu/  Students from other  Connecticut colleges and universities may also be eligible for U-Pass – click here for more information.

Mansfield Residents

The Town of Mansfield is offering a bus pass program for low income residents of the Town.  For more information, visit the Town website.

Some changes were made to the program in August 2019.  Please click here to view the poster with more information.

Reduced Fare

In order to ride WRTD at a reduced fare, you need to either have a Medicare card or a CT Reduced Fare ID card. If you have a Medicare card, then a separate photo ID card is not required.  For more information, click here or contact the WRTD office.

Purchasing Tickets and Passes

Tickets and passes are available several ways:

  • WRTD office at 28 South Frontage Road, Mansfield Center (cash, checks and credit cards)
  • On the bus – ticket or pass will be mailed, allow five days for delivery (cash or check)
  • Online by clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When do the fares and passes change?
    On May 6th the new fares will go into effect and the new passes will be accepted.
  2. How long can I use my old passes?
    – Old passes will not be sold after May 5, 2019.
    – Any WRTD monthly passes issued before May 6, 2019 will expire at the end of June 2019.
    – All other WRTD passes issued before May 6, 2019 that have not already expired will expire on April 30, 2020.  You may have to pay additional cash to cover the fare.
  3. Can I trade in my old passes for new passes?
    – The general public cannot trade in their old passes for new passes.
    – Agencies are encouraged to reach out to WRTD to trade in old stocks of ten-ride tickets.
  4. Can I use my half fare Dial-A-Ride Tickets after May 6?
    – Yes, but the client will have to pay the additional 25 cents with the ticket each time so they pay the new $3.00 fare.  This will be possible until April 30, 2020 when the old tickets will be fully discontinued.


  1. What happens if I only have one punch left on my Ten Punch Pass but my ride costs 2 punches?
    The driver will take the final punch on your existing card and then you will either pay $1.25 into the farebox or present a new Ten Punch Pass for the other punch.
  2. Can I give my ten punch pass to someone else?
    Yes. A ten punch pass can be shared between several people – as long as the person trying to ride has the pass with them to be punched when they need it!


  1. How do I know what date will be stamped on my monthly pass?
    – Monthly passes are now issued by calendar month.
    – If the order is received after the 15th of the month the pass will be issued for the following month.
    – This means if you order on 5/7 you will get a pass for May 1 – 31, and if you order on 5/16 you will get a pass for June 1 – 30.
  2. Can I use my monthly pass at the end of the month before?
    – No.  If you have a June pass, it can only be used in June.
  3. Can I give my monthly pass to a friend?
    – No.  As stated on the back of the passes, the passes are non-transferrable.  When you receive your new pass you will need to write your name on it.
  4. Can I purchase two monthly passes at once?
    No.  You can only purchase the “current” monthly pass – depending on the date of the month.  See question 1 for more details.
  5. Can I get a transfer ticket with a local monthly pass?
    No.  You will need to show your pass again to board a different local route since your pass allows unlimited rides.