Regional Transportation

From our buses you can connect to a variety of other bus services, including:
– UConn – Website and Bus Tracker
– Northeast Connecticut Transit District (NECTD) – Website
– South East Area Transit (SEAT) – Website and Bus Tracker
– CTtransit – Website,  Bus Alerts and Bus Tracker
– Peter Pan – Website
– Estuary Transit – Website, Bus Tracker

Please let the driver know if you are trying to connect to other buses – they can help make sure you are in the right place… and sometimes request a bus waits for you to transfer!  For connections between different WRTD buses they can also provide transfer tickets.

Trying to go to Providence?
Peter Pan now serves till Providence twice a day with stops at Storrs and Danielson. Here’s the schedules:
903-913 Schedule
918 Schedule

Trying to work out what routes might work?
Some of the services in this area are loaded into Google Transit – and other services will be added soon.  You can access Google Transit in two ways:
Google Maps– Click on the icon that looks like a train at the top (between the car and walking person)
– Trip Planning: Bing Maps, Apple Maps (available only via app)

Trying to find another ride?
CT Rides may not run buses but it can help you get around.  Consider signing up for their carpool matching service.

Support from the Senior Resource Agency on Aging
We proudly partner with the Senior Resources Agency on Aging, which provides critical funding for our Dial-A-Ride services through Title III of the Older Americans Act. This partnership allows us to offer subsidized transportation options for seniors, helping to ensure that mobility needs are met across our community.

For more information on how the Senior Resources Agency on Aging supports our services, or to learn how you can contribute, please visit our website, or contact our customer service.

Regional Transportation Webmaps

Estuary Transit Webmap

UCONN Transloc Webmap

SEAT Webmap

Peter Pan