ECTC Rides for Jobs Program

The Department of Social Services (DSS) and the Department of Transportation (Conn DOT) are collaborating to expand employment options for low-income TFA/TANF recipients. As a part of this initiative, ECTC arranges low-cost employment-related transportation for qualified individuals. This service is administered by ECTC and is also available in WRTD service areas.

Program Overview

ECTC’s rides for jobs program offers free temporary transportation service in eastern Connecticut region for qualifying area residents. It provides transportation to Employment for 60 days (individual days of service). Transportation to Employment-Related Activities has no time limits; allowable activities include job search, workshops, meeting with case managers, etc. Transportation to daycare is available for work or educationally related purposes. Rider must accompany children & provide car seats as required by law.

Program Eligibility

Riders must meet the program’s income eligibility requirements as described in the Eligibility Referral Form (Form A) and should have Case Manager’s referral. Participants must be employed, job-hunting, or doing short-term training.

  • Participants’ family income must be below the established limit of 75% of the State Median Income (SMI) level for their family size.

Referrals from organizations other than American Job Center partners require the following document(s) faxed along with the Eligibility & Referral Form (Form A) at the time of referral:

  • If working – proof of employment (letter from the employer or most recent pay stub)
  • If job searching — (Printout of the client’s profile page showing workshops attended through the American Job Center(s). The client can obtain through the front desk of any American Job Center.) A client must have completed a workshop within three months to be eligible for services.

Eligibility and Referral Form (Form A)

Map of ECTC Transportation Area:

 Transportation Options

  • Local bus Service
  • Van Service
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Car based solutions
  • Alternative transportation options (Taxi/Livery)

Some Options are not available in all the town Please contact ECTC at 860-859-5794.

Transportation Request Form (Form B)

Mileage Reimbursement Form (Form C)

Extension Request Form (Form D)

Car Based Solutions Request Form

For the detailed information on the Trip request, reimbursement please follow the instructions given in the program guide.

Download the Full Program’s Guide

Visit the link below for the Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium’s TANF Program application and more information about details of the program.

Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium’s Rides for Jobs Program