Posters on the buses

The following posters are on our buses.  Click on the links for full resolution versions to print.

Posted the week of 9/13/2019

Detours on Storrs-Willimantic Route on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Posters that have now been removed

Posted the week of 8/5/2019

New stop added on the upcoming Willimantic Central Route at the Windham Town Hall – English and Spanish poster.
Reminder to renew U-Pass.
Changes to the Mansfield Bus Pass.

Posted the week of 7/22/2019

Service changes in July and August 2019 – English, Chinese, Spanish, and all three languages (community locations only).

Posted the week of 7/1/2019
Service changes in July and August 2019 – English and Spanish.

Posted the week of 4/22/2019
No Late Night Storrs-Willimantic during the summer.

Posted the week of 4/8/2019
Changes to Mansfield Senior Center and Juniper Hill stops effective May 6, 2019.
New Fares – English and Spanish
New Passes – English and Spanish
How to pay for passes – English and Spanish

Posted the week of 3/18/2019
Press release – Fare changes will be effective May 6, 2019. English and Spanish

Posted the week of 2/4/2019
Expect delays on all routes and Dial-A-Ride for Wednesday, February 13th thru Friday, February 15th – English and Spanish

Posted the week of 12/7/2018
Fare Proposal Public Hearing Notice – English and Spanish
Fare Proposal – Old and Proposed Fares – English and Spanish

Posted the week of 12/31/2018
Fare Proposal Press Release – Why are we doing this? – English and Spanish

Posted the week of 12/21/2018
Transfers between WRTD and UConn buses during break

Posted the week of 12/3/2018
Holiday Hours – All Routes (English and Spanish)
December 24 – Service changes on local routes (English and Spanish)
U-Pass renewal and Late-Night Storrs Willimantic

Posted the week of 11/26/2018
New way to Pay – Envelopes (English and Spanish)
Fares – Local and Commuter (English and Spanish)
Fares – Dial-A-Ride (English and Spanish)
Bus Ribbon Cutting