Proposed Schedule and Route Changes 2019 | Propuesta de Cambio de Rutas y Horarios 2019 de WRTD | 2019 年温德姆地区交通局 时间表和路线调整提案

This webpage includes all the information about proposed route and schedule changes for Summer 2019.

The schedule and route changes cover three of the four fixed routes that WRTD operates.  No changes are being proposed for the Willimantic-Norwich Route 32 Commuter Route.  Please see the schedules and maps for more details.

Los cambios de horario y ruta cubren tres de las cuatro rutas fijas que opera WRTD. No se están proponiendo cambios para la ruta Willimantic-Norwich – Route 32. A continuación se enumeran los cambios por ruta. Por favor, consulte los horarios y mapas para más detalles.

时间表和路线变动涵盖了 WRTD 运营的四条固定路线中的三条路线。32 路威利曼蒂克-诺威治(Willimantic-Norwich)通勤路线没有任何变动。以下列出了各路线的变动。 有关详细信息,请参阅时间表和地图。


May 1, 2019 – Added a new facebook live eventade a minor correction to the Proposed Route Map for the Storrs-Willimantic Routes A and C (Valley St). Please see below for details.

June 2019 – The new routes have been approved by the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Late July/ Early August 2019 – New routes published online and in brochures

August 19, 2019 – The new routes will be implemented.


April 29, 2019
– Press release explaining why we are proposing this
– Public hearing notice released
– Description of proposed changes released
– Maps and proposed schedules released

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 6pm
– Live TV interview with Representative Susan Johnson on the Windham Works show on Charter Channel 192. Click here to view the interview (Watch from minute 45 if you just want details about this proposal).

Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 6:30pm
– Facebook Live Info Session about the Proposed Schedule Changes. WRTD will explain what is being proposed and then have an opportunity for Q&A. You can access the event from the WRTD facebook page and the video is posted online after the event has finished –

Monday, May 20, 2019 at 5:30pm
– Public hearing at 11am at the Windham Town Hall Auditorium, 979 Main St, Willimantic, CT
– Public hearing at 5:30pm at the Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center, 23 Royce Circle, Storrs Mansfield, CT

Thursday, May 23, 2019
– Deadline to submit written comments

Late May 2019
– Review comments and submit request to CDOT

August 19, 2019
– New routes and schedules implemented

More information

Press Release – Why are we proposing this? (English) | Nota de Prensa¿Por qué hacemos esto? (Spanish) | 新闻稿 – 为什么要如此调整? (Chinese)

Public Hearing Notice (English) | Aviso de Audiencia Pública (Spanish) | 公开听证会通知 (Chinese)

List of proposed changes (English) | Lista de cambios de ruta (Spanish) | 路线变动列表 (Chinese)

Route and Schedule Proposal | Propuesta de Cambio de Rutas y Horarios | 时间表和路线调整提案 – One document with English, Chinese and Spanish (Corrected on May 1, 2019)

Interactive map of the proposed route changes (Does not include Route 32 which will remain the same)

Videos explaining the route changes – Windham Works Interview (Minute 45 onwards) and Facebook Live Event

Questions or comments

If you have questions, please contact,  attend the public hearing or submit written comments to Windham Region Transit District, 28 South Frontage Rd, Mansfield Center, CT 06250

For additional information, or free language assistance, please call (860) 456-2223

Para información adicional, o asistencia lingüística gratuita, por favor llame al (860) 456-2223.

如需更多信息或免费语言协助,请致电 (860) 456-2223。

अधिक जानकारी या निःशुल्क भाषा संबंधी सहायता के लिए कृपया (860) 456-2223 पर कॉल करें।

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are these changes going into effect?
The proposed changes are still subject to change as input from the public comment period (including the public hearing) are considered. The earliest the proposed changes would go into effect would be August 1, 2019. Confirmation of the changes will happen well in advance of the changes taking effect, and new brochures will be printed.

2. Why are there no coordinated transfers?
The route changes included within this proposal focused on making the schedules more regular and predictable. Unfortunately in the process of doing that the flexibility of helping particular buses to meet at certain times of day could not also be achieved since all the routes have different lengths (60 mins, 75 mins, 105 mins, etc). As a proportion of total ridership, the number of people using the existing transfers were very small and not consistently used.

3. How often are changes likely to be made to routes and schedules?
Route and schedule changes take a lot of time and effort. WRTD’s goal is to implement the proposed changes in August 2019. WRTD staff will then begin to evaluate the changes as people ride, and plan for future changes in the area with a goal of making additional refinements to the system in summer 2020.

4. Are there any changes proposed for Route 32/ Norwich?
No. There are no proposed changes for the Willimantic-Norwich/ Route 32 route.

Are there other routes?
In August 2019, WRTD will begin running a bus route on behalf of the University of Connecticut. This route, formerly known as the Purple Line in the UConn shuttle system, will service Hunting Lodge Road apartment complexes and make connections to the UConn Storrs campus and Downtown Storrs during the academic year. More details about this route will be available in June.